who invented the pajama jeans?

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Answered: Do you think Pajama Jeans are worth buying?

I have two pairs and my daughter has 3 pairs. I would never dream of wearing them to bed, though. They must be called pajama jeans because they are so comfortable...they look too good to wear to bed. Hi Youoyu! Hi Alyse!

Answered: Who carries sonoma brand pajamas?

We get ours at khols if you have one in your area.. hope this helps and good luck. :)

Answered: Pajamas

I'm sorry, but what exactly are crotchless pajama bottoms?? If they didn't have a crotch, they wouldn't be bottoms??

Answered: Price of 10.00 each pajama set sizes 2 to 16 boys and girls

www.pajamaworkshop.com $10.00 pajamas in sale section

Answered: How to tell if j.lindeberg jeans are mens or womens

Gail, If you buy them in the mens department, they are mens. If you buy them in the womens department, they are womens. You can usually tell just by looking at them. Womens jeans will have slightly more rounded hips then men's jean. Sparky's Mom
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