Who inherited liberace's fortune after he died?

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Answered: Shared inheritance property

You could get the owner of the property to rewrite the will.

Answered: My mother and my brother inherited a duplex from ...

The best legal option is to hire a lawyer.

Answered: If a person dies intestate in the state of nevada and separated from

I would certainly get a lawyer if you haven't made out a will and you want, or don't want, your wife to get your estate. If you are seperated, you are still legally married to her untill you get a decree of divorce. Pay a lawyer so you can make sure things are carried out the way you want in case ...

Answered: Can you take out inheritance from estate before the person dies and not

I assume you are speaking of liquid assets. you may find some lender that will make a loan with the "inheritance" guaranteeing the loan. simply, ask whoever it is leaving you something if you can get to some of or all of what you are to receive upon their death. good luck kimk

Answered: My spouse died before his mom. now, his brothers ...

In that case, it is entirely up to the person making the will. Most folks will leave a deceased child's inheritance to their surviving children but they aren't bound to by any means. It also depends on what the state's laws are; if there is no will many places will give half to the surviving ...

Answered: Question regarding Inheritance

If it's not signed & notorized, someone can claim it's bogus. Have a great trip.
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My sister is to recieve an inheritance check on ...

As soon as she becomes 18 she needs to send him a written request asking for the money. If he won't release it she needs to consult an attorney.

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Trust in your self. I know you will do the right thing.

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