who influenced Patrick Henry's oratory?

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Answered: If republican mark patrick seymour now controls ...

Harry Truman refused to move into the White House until January 1948, knowing that he would probably have to move out because of his inexperience and incompetence. Once elected by a corrupt Democrat majority in the racist Deep South, he moved in, knowing that in 1952 he wwas leaving no matter what ...

Answered: Patrick Henry Winterson

Good for you ...know how to spell your name....You should feel proud of yourself... Did you know your initials are....P.H.W...? Next we will work on your phonics lessons....

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Henry LaPointe watches are a private label watch sold by Little Switzerland jewelry stores, throughout the Caribbean

Answered: Danica Patrick moving to NASCAR?

God, I Hope not, she needs to stay in Indy Car where she belongs, its much more prestigous to win a Indy 500 than the Daytona 500. I just can not see her wasting her life away driving stock cars, she needs to stay in Indy Car and be the first women to win the Indy 500.

Answered: Henry VIII

He would probably have a great time since divorce is legal and he wouldn't have to kill his ex-wives to get new ones.
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