who has taken over kodak on line pictures?

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Answered: Do I send them the name of the fight is on it actually shows her picture

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is obsessed with Tadpole. The porn poster is too. Could they be the same poster?

Answered: Why don't my Kodak Z cameras power up?

When you changed batteries, were the old batteries corroded or leaky?

Answered: Date stamp on Kodak EasyShare C-195

I would go to setup or a strings function on the camera. There it will probably ask for the date and how you want to date to appear. Hope this helps.

Answered: My phone lines are down

AOL Answers is not your phone provider. You have to tell the phone company.

Answered: I have copied a picture online and would like to ...

you can get a free image editor like gimp. lookup gimp its opensource.

Answered: I had aol 9.O and my comp crashed and i lost all my pictures and files. I

If you had pictures and files on a disk drive that crashed, there are drive recovery services but they are not cheap. If you sent or received the pictures on AOL, and you didn't delete the mail, they might still be in your Old Mail or Sent Mail.
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