Who fought wearing uniforms bearing the motto “Liberty to Slaves”?

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Answered: Wearing of Parachute Wings on Fatigue Uniform

The young paratrooper was correct. Class-C uniforms bear only rank insignia and a nametag (where specified). Marine HALO units have sewn-on wings. So with the Army Special Ops, Navy SEAL Teams, and Air Force Special Services.

Answered: What is the phrase or motto something like


Answered: Why do painters wear white uniforms

That's a question we have perhaps all asked at some point. Painter wear 's white clothing as their preferred choice, for painters as it distinguishes them from other tradesmen and show up in case paint drops and splatters on their painters work clothing while at work.

Answered: slaves

dear trisha thank you for answering my question could you please send me a list of slaves that were in warminster pa during the 1700's florence fox

Answered: Uniforms

for all your embroidered workwear try http://www.blackpool-logos.com
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