Who first sang silent night?

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Answered: Please Help!

Hi Amanda. Why don't you just get the sheet music...then have a friend play it for you? There must be plenty of videos on you tube of this popular Christmas carol. Ron. (music teacher - need more help? Let me know.)

Answered: What is a silent stroke?

These are small strokes that do not cause any symptoms. Silent strokes still damage brain tissue so prevention of it is much needed. Take stroke screenings at http://seniorwealthclub.com/

Answered: Is the Silent Movie Making a Comeback?

I love silent movies they remind me of the past and i really miss the past well at least we can see them act??? Hmm...???

Answered: Good night

Getting a good night's sleep - a perfectly natural human function -- has become quite complicated. Do we really need all these extra creature comforts to eke out some quality Zzz's?

Answered: Who sang, it's all over now?

Bobby Womack did one. The Rolling Stones did one too.
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Who sang let me be your cinderella

I believe it was a singer named Heather Horton, from the CD "...most of all"

Silent Stroke

I would assume a "silent stroke" is like a "silent heart attack". My Mother had a silent "heart attack" but she had symptoms.......she was nauseated, she was sweating profusely, she looked pale. I personally had a stroke and it was not silent by any stretch of the imagination. I truthfully cannot ...

Who sang the songs on dallas last night

Was the song, being sung @ a funeral ? Because, if it was, I have the answer.

What makes outside night light stay on in daytime

It's broken, miswired, or someone has place some tape over the sensor.