Who first sang silent night?

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Answered: What are the dimensions of double mattress?

Here you can know more about double mattress

Answered: How to Patch an Air Mattress?

Ordinary cold tire patch.

Answered: Please Help!

Hi Amanda. Why don't you just get the sheet music...then have a friend play it for you? There must be plenty of videos on you tube of this popular Christmas carol. Ron. (music teacher - need more help? Let me know.)

Answered: What is a silent stroke?

These are small strokes that do not cause any symptoms. Silent strokes still damage brain tissue so prevention of it is much needed. Take stroke screenings at http://seniorwealthclub.com/
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Is there any sexual weekness due to regular night shift?

I don't think so as I have also did night shifts but I didn't find any kind of sexual weakness.

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Can anyone tell me who "seek help moron" is? Leona wants me to find that person and I have no idea where to begin looking. At first I thought Leona might have been suggesting that I seek help, but then I realized that couldn't possibly be correct - because we all know Leona knows everything and ...

Silent Stroke

I would assume a "silent stroke" is like a "silent heart attack". My Mother had a silent "heart attack" but she had symptoms.......she was nauseated, she was sweating profusely, she looked pale. I personally had a stroke and it was not silent by any stretch of the imagination. I truthfully cannot ...

Silent Heart Attacks

Silent Heart attack is common in patients having heart problems, and this is considered now as one of the reason why heart problem patient cases died. Others are found dead, and later be as a victim of this silent heart attack. Patient may experience chest pain and pain in right arm or passing out ...