Who does this telephone belong to 661-363-5227?

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Answered: Telephone fraud

Bettye, contact your telephone service provider and tell them what's happening. Then, since you state that the calls have become threatening, contact your local police department and tell them about it. Be prepared to tell them the date and time of any calls, as well as the content of any ...

Answered: Panasonic 6.0 Plus telephone operating manual KX-TG6521

How can i reset the Panasonic KX TG7875 Phone to factory

Answered: Who is telephone number 978-652-8002 listed for

The person probably wants you to vote for Kennedy.

Answered: Unwanted Telephone Calls

You can customize your phone system and create a list of contacts. Numbers not included in the list will be directed to your voicemail, this is to limit your incoming calls.

Answered: What is Apple's telephone number for help?

for Mac & PC Support in London. Call 020 7582 9999 or visit us at http://www.supportplan.com/
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415 363-5608 406 219-2882

Just Google the two numbers individually and you'll get a list of references saying that it is a scam. Look at this link http://www.theinternetpatrol.com/did-you-get-a-call-from-financial-freedom-its-a-scam/

What did the first telephone look like

maybe computer speaker:D

Has anyone have a telephone # where i can call to get help form a real

Call an AOL help desk employee at (800) 827-3338. Keep in mind that only paying members of AOL can access this free technical support line. The automated service will request your screen name and confirm that you are a paying member before offering you technical support. Try the solution ...

My telephone voicemail recorded a message, but also got myself in the

I don't really have any idea about that problem. You could visit this site since they have the best answers for your query. Business Telephone Systems Austin