who does pigeonholing in government?

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Answered: American Government

Leftists, Atheists, Muslims, racists, Obatso, drunkard, bigot, criminals, cross burners, EBT cards KKK, Hitler, Tadpole, Hilary, tombstone, liberal, cross burners, Black Panthers. child molesters. I wonder who posted those answers? LOL Will someone respond to this lonely soul? It has to be tough ...

Answered: Which government agency would have information on the history of US

Wikipedia has an article on US currency, including history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_currency

Answered: Are the government and the media always demanding ...

What makes you think leftists get any attention unless they get drunk and puke on you? QED.

Answered: What a sad day for republicans! Government ...

One of the many good reasons that Obamacare failed was that it set up a huge and extremely costly beaurocracy. It was by far the longest and most cumbersome bill ever to exist, and was fraught with loopholes for huge corporate medicine to deliberately abuse. One may properly assess the Democrats ...

Answered: The government is now telling people which prayer to say? Nuttier

That only happens at Muslim hangings of twelve year old girls and the Day of Ashura -- when they murder children and slash themselves bloody, just to spread fatal disease. Typical nihiliatic bunch, are they not? Oh well, Allah see, Allah do -- or were they pigs and monkeys?

Answered: Which had a more transformation impact on the usa in the 1920's

America always goes into severe recession with Democrats in charge and that was no exception in the 1920's. In FDR's case, it went from a severe recession to the worst economic depression we have ever suffered and it was all the fault of stubborn-as-a-mule disloyal Democrats. Democrats have always ...
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When are Repubs going to stop holding hearings and start governing?

1952 Eisenhower republican when the country did the best it ever did from the interstate system of highways to eliminating the illeagals via operation wetback. and I for one had my best years ever during Reagans administration. but now its all about what the government can do for me gimme gimme ...

Government shut-down, did it affect you any. So what?

That "shutdown" didn't affect us all that much. We had one DOE project that got delayed but out side of that it was pretty much business as usual. I gotta w0nder about Obatso. Did he think he could shut down our nation and then claim that Islam is worthy? What a pity Obatso is till wrong on ALL ...

Who is responsible for the government eco scheme?

All States have invoked the Tenth Amendment. That means, they are willing and ready to assume all the functions of the Federal government in order to prevent one little ripple of damage from happening in the event that people like Obama did this very thing. I will say that we get a lot better ...

Is Eldridge still on Government Assistance?

The insane racism of our resident oddball has convinced me that leftists are always going to be a little off. Therefore it is best to avoid them entirely.