Who do I contact if I haven't received my Michigan Bridge Card yet?

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Answered: Can dental bridge that came off be reused?

No, you can not reuse that bridge again, and I would like to suggest you that go to dentist for the same. As before applying bridge your teeth needs to be cleaned. visit this link you will come to know the answer of your question. http://www.daltechsystems.com/product/captek/

Answered: Does anyone know the contact number to Netflex?

No such thing as "Netflex". Sometimes I think AOL pays idiots to ask stupid questions. Now if you asked about NETFLIX, that would be a different story, but, of course, you did not.

Answered: How to set up duplicate bridge boards for 2-1/2 tables

It I knew, I would tell you lynn. PG and Oron are bridge players. Hopefully, one of them will tell you.

Answered: Account contact list may have been accessed

Hi Lyn: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. What is email spoofing and how can I tell if my account has been spoofed?

Answered: How do you know what your partner is saying to you ...when bidding

There are books on bridge that explain standard American bids, and different books for different systems. Fifty years ago an opening bid of 2 Spades was a game-forcing bid. Now it is usually a weak bid, 6 to 12 points with a 6-card suit. You need to understand not only opening bids, but responses ...
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When I click on some links in emails I receive, I get a yellow star type

This is very simple. Never click on a link that you get in an email. Period. Even if you think that you know the sender.

Local bridge games

There is a problem when I open this in window 8.


Sure after the the hand has been played (otherweise all will know your exact card holding.....). I believe that you reffer to "rubber bridge" at home...... I'll suggest that you play "Chicago"..... much more fun !..... 1st hand none is vol..... 2nd hand N-S are Vol...... 3rd hand: E-W are Vol ...

E-card identification

Usually you have to click on a link to see the card. The number probably only identifies that it is the 12,345th one sent on a particular day. They then match it up with the selected design, name and message.