Who discovered Guillain -Barre' syndrome?

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Answered: What causes Porphyria?

Porphyria arises from a disruption in your body's production of a substance called heme. Heme is found in all of your tissues, but the largest amounts are in your red blood cells, bone marrow and liver. Heme is a major component of hemoglobin, a red, iron-rich protein that gives your blood its red ...

Answered: I an suffering with "bilateral" eczema, had severe ...

I got this in the military. MY research said that exposure to resins, epoxy resins and toxic metal can cause this type of 'systemic eczema.' Just so happens the epoxy resins i used in fiberglass also required liquid cobolt. Cobolt is a toxic metal like mercury and chromium that can cause this ...

Answered: Earlyn syndrome

There is a book by Teri James Bellis, Assessment and Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorders in the Educational Setting: From Science to Practice

Answered: Discover card sent letter telling me to go to discover.com/win to see my

If it's an actual letter sent by the post office, it's probably legit. If it's an email, it's a scam.

Answered: Guillain Barre' Syndrome

I had GBS about 4 years ago. I was very lucky and feel "normal" today. I still deal with some minor "nerve" regeneration issues (such as restless leg syndrome in the evening), but all in all...feel 100%. My avice to anyone who is recovering from this scary syndrome, is stay positive and keep ...

Answered: No one in South Africa knows about the KT Syndrome ...

i met a doctor that knows about kt when i was on holiday with my ex in jo berg. margbarnes@hotmail.com
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