who died from soprano cast?

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Answered: Gravity Die Casting...

Aluminum brackets with hole die cast into place better. They will also save cost of machining the holes.

Answered: I am trying to sell my die cast car collection 1/18 scale .All makes and

Have you considered putting it up on eBay? Other than that, why not see if you can place a "for sale to serious buyers" notice in a collector's magazine? Are you familiar with www.thediecastmagazine.com ? It might be a good place to start.

Answered: Core blow rejections in aluminium gravity castings

Gravity is "not" a pulling force. Gravity is most certainly a "Pushing Force". Gravity is "Photonic-Mass" originating from the sun and is right now pushing you down onto the earth. Mathematically proven on www.EinsteinGravity.com
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There are plenty of producers, all over the world !, no problem to find them. Be careful with chinese producers, some of them are cheap but low quality, some others are a bit more expensive but much higher quality.

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