who didn't die with buddy holly?

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Answered: What happened to Holly on the commercial? Did she die?

I think she went to sht and the hogs ate her. Who gives a dam anyway. DUH!!!!

Answered: Who was on the plane with Buddy Holly when he was killed?

There were 4 people on that plane. In addition to Buddy, Ritchie, and the Bopper, the correct answwer to "Who was on the plane"? should also list "the pilot" (no, it wasn't Waylon Jennings. He gave up his seat because the Bopper had some kind of virus and couldn't take a long bus ride, and was going ...

Answered: What would buddy holly look like today?

have to remember him as he was.

Answered: When TV dies?

when it no longer has a pulse. duh.

Answered: What's the holly face means?

This is Buddy Holly

Answered: Is there a dj named dj buddy holly?

Yes, and he's on MTV and he's a recording artist and he played guitar and turntables at my party and it like totally rocked!
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