who did nicole livas marry?

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Answered: Ucla 4u 86 Am married and know now I am gay

Actually, seeking help from a physician wouldn't be so bad if you're actually comfortable that way and I'm sure it wasn't meant to be offensive or an attack at someone seeking help on the internet but admittedly that's not going to do anything for that 'difficult and emotional trauma he is surely ...

Answered: Nicole and Joel finally getting married

In this economy, I wouldn't recommend having a lavish wedding. Save the money for the children. Have a small wedding, with close friends and family and enjoy that you won't be broke afterward.

Answered: George Clooney ever to be married again?

I don't see George ever getting married again but for some reason I do see him having kids.I think it would be interesting to see George with a child and his new girlfriend is young and may want a baby sooner or later.

Answered: Who played Nicole on See Dad Run "See Dad Get Married?

Elaine Hendrix played Nicole on See Dad Run "See Dad Get Married".

Answered: Does Nicole Richie Have a Right To Urge Charlie Sheen To Get Clean?

Well she has gotten better; she has her family and doesn't seem to be doing drugs or getting in trouble anymore. So yes she has the right to tell him to get clean becuase she already went through something similar to what Sheen is going through. and maybe he can see that she was like him but was ...
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