Who Compiled A thousand and one arabian nights?

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Answered: One night fire insurance

If you want fire insurance for one night, it won't happen.

Answered: Why is one thousand dollars referred to as a " grand "

Yes, the etymology of this colloquialism dates back to the early 1900's from a grand sum of money. I believe the first recorded slang version is Amer, not British but I could be wrong.

Answered: What is a good mariachi compilation album? I'm looking for a well

There is a lot of great music from "South of the border." It is sincere, based on experience, thoughtful, and real. My last two trips to Mazatlan and another to Ixtapa showed me how decent these people can be.

Answered: Find a palindrome number that has 3 in the thousands place, 7 in the ones

There are exactly 14 possible numbersthat if you multiply them by 7 you'll get a 4 digit number that is 3--7 (that is: 3 in the thousands and 7 in the ones): 441, 451, 461, 471, 481, 491, 501, 511, 521, 531, 541, 551, 561, 571 Please note that the number must end with 1 cause the only way to get ...

Answered: Good night

Getting a good night's sleep - a perfectly natural human function -- has become quite complicated. Do we really need all these extra creature comforts to eke out some quality Zzz's?
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