who built nuclear power plants?

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Answered: What happens to a decommissioned nuclear power plant?

I guess they have to gently take it apart and get rid of all contaminants

Answered: Why can't nuclear plants be in desert with huge ...

Nuclear power plants can be built in the desert with cooling system designs by "power generation designs" the long transmission lines needed would be the only problem. A very good question.......This answer is known to but a few

Answered: Does the US have nuclear power plants like the ones in Japan?

Yes we do but thats not the reason for the accident we must compare apples with apples the tsunamie was the reason for the accidient not the earthquake but the tsunamie the below ground level of the generators suppling power to the cooling water pumps, a bad design in this type of geological ...

Answered: Nuclear power plants in usa reinvestigation told of an arrest but didn't

Work at any nuclear generating facility comes with a graded clearance. If you work in any "hot" area you must have a Q-clearance with a Nuclear access. If you made a material misstatement concerning the conduct of a co-worker, I sugest that you immediately correct your misstatement in writing and ...

Answered: How does the Fukushima nuclear accident compare to Chernobyl's?

You should check out Helen Caldicot's answer on <PRISONPLANET.COM> The answer is worse than you will ever believe. Many times worse. CONTAINMENT N.O.W. is not impossible but My B.HO said let;'s start another WAR. B.HO 4 BIDEN 2012
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Who are the top 10 nuclear weapons powers of the world ?

The "Nuclear family" is: 1. People's Republic of China. 2. France 3. Britain 4. Russia (eight republics) 5. Canada 6. Japan 7. United States 8. Al Qaeda(denied) 9. Iran (same as Al Qaeda) 10. Israel (denied but confirmed by UN weapons inspectors) The thing is, nuclear weapons are now such ...

Are you worried about nuclear safety?

As a co0ntinuing opinion.. What would it benefit us to worry? These sharks (that run the world) can't be intimidated by whiners (a they refer to us as).. They will do as they please to make their millions then laugh in our faces because the legal system fines them fifty-thousand dollars for allowing ...