who builds wind turbines "Powered by Nuke Guestbook"?

who builds wind turbines "Powered by Nuke Guestbook"?

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Answered: Homemade wind power?

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Answered: How efficient are wind turbines in generating ...

hello there.. You may have gotten the info you needed prior to this reply, but Ive done a bit of research on solar & wind recently.. usually there will be a voltage regulator (sometimes included w/ a power inverter) which limits the output from exceeding its maximum output. The wind systems were ...

Answered: Where could I find plans to build a wind turbine ...

Why not try www.GreenDIYEnergy.com/wind (or simply iGoogle WIND TURBINE DIY etc) All the best Doug

Answered: How fast does a home wind turbine require wind to ...

It is all mathematical, and depends on many factors such as height, temp, design. Try clicking on "wind turbines" and take it from there. I hope this helps. It certainly is a massive undertaking. Good luck.
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Solar power for homes?

Thanks. This thread looks interesting!!

Is powering a car with wind energy feasible? I think it is an interesting

Wind generators have been used for decades to power nearly everything. North Atlantic islands have an aversion to fossil fuel dependency so they wisely enlist the wind to power their towns -- and their cars. That requires sizeable banks of batteries (2.3 times the amp hours the town will draw in ...

Wind turbines

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What is the average cost of a 1mw turbine?

It appears to cost between 1-3 dollars per watt (European costs says it is about 1300 EU per KW including installation) so a 1 MW turbine (good for about 700-1000 houses) would cost 1-3 Million dollars. GE has a 1.5 MW turbine that looks like it cost between 1 and 2 million. http://www ...