who bought a house in clifton nj?

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Answered: International Student Housing NYC?

Here you can know more about Student Housing NYC

Answered: Did question #1 on the NJ ballot pass?

Who the hell cares? Seriously. The UN is virtually useless. No one pays any attention to anything they say, and by the time they finish discussing something and writing a sternly worded letter, a war could be over and done. They used to be important. Now they're just impotent.

Answered: How to force a House Sale?

You can only force a house sale if you have made an offer that was accepted in writing. If you are selling, even if you have accepted an offer, you might only be able to keep the deposit if the purchaser can not or will not complete the purchase.

Answered: Who bought the house after herb baumeister died?

The County Recorder could tell you who bought the house, but you have to tell them the street address. We have no idea what city or state you are asking about. There are a lot of H Baumeisters in the US. There's a Herbert listed in Brooklyn.
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