who attends scout committee meetings?

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Answered: Committee Meetings and Florida Sunshine Rules

I'm not sure I know what the Florida Sunshine Rule is. Sorry.

Answered: Need a cover letter to students about forming committees for yearbooks

I know how to write a letter - I have never had to be in charge of a yearbook before, and need a letter to inspire students to join committees, etc. for it.

Answered: How to make a catapult for a boy scout pumpin chunking contest

I'm not sure. Have you tried asking your boy scout leader?

Answered: When is the girl scout sing along, washington DC

Contact www.gscnc.org This is the host council for greater DC area. Think you are referring to the 'Sing In On the Mall' event that GSCNC{Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital) hosts every 5 years as a part of celebrations of GSUSA's birthday. March 1912 plus 100 years = 2012, next 5 ...

Answered: Where is the proper placement of religious medals on the Girl Scout

Or call/visit your local GS council/service unit for correct info.
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