who are the twins used on the twc business class ad?

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Answered: Ad Scam

And after all that you didn't even mention the name of the company. Kind of defeats the purpose, Einstein!!

Answered: How is it that 1 in 160 births is identical twins ...

How can there be such an astronomical gap? Well.............the universe is a HUGE place.

Answered: I m getting tired of all these ads opo ups on your site if you don t

AOL keyword POPUP lets you block popups, including a tab for AOL popups.

Answered: What is the cheapest business class flights?

cheapest business class flights

Answered: What is the cheapest business class flights?

123 Cheap Travel is one of the best and affordable travelling company which is providing different class flights. If you want to book a cheap business class flights, then you can try this web site :- http://turkey-flights.123cheaptravel.co.uk/

Answered: Doesn't AD refer to Christ death not the time of His birth so why don't

because it comes from latin anno dominy (please excuse my spelling)
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