who are the muy buenos dias dancers?

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Answered: African American Exotic Dancer

Jen, try calling the local exotic bars to see if they have any dancers available. Good luck.

Answered: Is anyone familar with Dia Guitars? I was given ...

Hi Damsel, I bought a second hand Dia violin type bass guitar in South Africa many years ago and have been playing it in various bands for the last 15 years. It looks a bit like a Hofner Beatle bass but in my opinion is a much better guitar. I also don't know much about their origens but have come ...

Answered: I want to be a dancer with no cost, i dont have ...

Oh! Go to cory daye website: she was lead singer of dr. Buzzards original savannah band & nominated for a grammy. Then check out here solo album cory and me as well as city nites manhattan cafes by cory daye. I have sirius radio and on the program called strobe you'll be dancin' like never before ...

Answered: Where is Dia Autry really diandra Rodriquez hiding now?

You really have problems, you need to leave me alone. How many years has it been? This needs to be taken down, because If I was really wanted by the FBI, i'm sure they would of had me by now i'm not that hard to find. You need to drop this, and leave me alone it's starting to creep me out.
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