who are the meanest rudest movie stars?

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Answered: Does Mike Weaver star in adult movies?

I've never heard of him starring in adult movies

Answered: Is it free to watch movies on Niter?

Well recently I watch Asian porn video in free by online for example see in this video http://analtube4u.com/2129/rough-anal-and-deepthroat-in-the-asian-bitch/

Answered: How do I find movie stars biographies

Try searching on the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).

Answered: Is Judy the star of a filthy movie called "Dogfucker"? Is Sparky?

Sparkys mom, you dumb ass Polock. You could never run anyone off. All you can do is tell on yourself, Twit.

Answered: How Do You Become Friends With a Movie Star?

Working in the same industry , living near them , or working for them in some capacity. Good luck
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