who are the male models on rupauls drag race?

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Answered: Need an answer

OOPS! wrong kind of "DRAG RACE" I run cars sorry !

Answered: How do i become contestant on rupaul's drag u?

I don't know. I want to get on the show too, because I have cancer and a lot of health problems. I use to be be beautiful, you couldn't tell my age and had a coke a cola bottle shape. Back in my day that was the best shape u could have, there was no shape better than that. Now, I'm 56 and sick and ...

Answered: 1500 pound car 2.76 gear what tire size for racing

There are different types of tyres available some them are 10*10 size others are of 15*10 size. It depends on the type of car race you are taking part of. Carlos Kauffman is one of the famous car racer driver & he is using 15*10 size tyres.

Answered: Drag racing shoes

summitracing.com saferacer.com

Answered: How to slow a Drag car down?

You can buy a throttle stop from Summit or Jegs that will limit the amount of throttle you can use, alot of bracket racers use them.
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Drag racing, back in 1966 I ran a 327 Cu/In 350 HP ...

Since this was before bracket racing, and all the breakout times which kinda ruined drag racing, I would think it would be Modified Stock. Most of the 327's running back in those days were in the 14 high 13 seconds range, so you were definitely quick.

Male or female horses in horse racing?

I'm going to agree with Madi Jay...I don't think the sex of the horse matters in horse racing. Start looking at some race results and compare the two! Here's a good source: TVG

Drag Racing

drag racing is invented after the world war 2 (1945)