Who are the leaders that laid the foundation of our Government?

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Answered: 666 New World Order Leaders, who are they?

Rocmike can you explain to us why you stopped posting your cartoons since you've been posting your porn? We all know you covered this board with your cartoons the way you are doing it now with your porn. You're fooling nobody with your porn. You believe your fooling everyone with your aliases too ...

Answered: '70s Chinese leader

I think it was General Gao.

Answered: What is this foundation

Tadpole, I'm sorry you hate disabled veterans as badly as you do. Now you scream racist hate against Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, USO, and all other veteran service organizations. Of course, only bitter leftists hate veterans. That is why absolutely no one ever respected any ...

Answered: Who will be the world leader? The New World Order

I can see a few problems with the proposed "one world order." It would be unaccountable, there would be no checks or balances to maintain the fair treatment of the people, and it would be so corrupt that no one would get anything done. Human frailty being what it is, the idea is truly frightening ...

Answered: Who has the rights to invate a forean leader to adress the cnngress in

The Congress and the president. Has been done many times in the past. Only reason such a fuss over Bibi is that he told the truth about the pending deal with Iran and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and even many other countries in the Middle East praised him in the Middle East news for it.

Answered: Who funds the freedom from religion foundation? I ...

The first 9 answers on this question are from the leftists Muslim Atheist poster. Can anyone tell one apart from the others? Are his thoughts coming from a sane person?
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