who are the characters in all of the above?

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Answered: Does anyone know who the character was that used to say "what the"?

I'm not sure this is what you are looking for but I have noticed on the Sponge Bob show, that the expression is used quite frequently. My grandson picked it up and we had a terrible time breaking him from saying it.

Answered: Main Characters

Here is a great website all about Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. I hope it helps you.

Answered: My Grandaughter saw a Snug Buggles character in a book by Tish Rabe and

I don't know that they have necessarily made it into an actual toy or stuffed character. However, if they have then it seems likely the best place to locate one might be at your nearby Barnes & Noble bookstore. An online search for the book shows it available at B&N. Since their children's book ...
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Free character calligraphy translations

Please clarify your question.

Character traits that start with z

Zany- humerous, wacky, funny Zealous- devoted, enthusiastic Zestful-Spirited Zingy-Exceptionally attractive or appealing Zippy- Full of energy ; lively Zombie-One who looks and behaves like an automaton Be Blessed

Who was the author that had a character named harry diadem?

I think the book you are looking for is Eternal Fire by Calder Willingham

Disney cartoon characters from 1930 to 1940 who was the character that

Not real sure if I understand: that was a Mickey Mouse cartoon where Mickey was the apprentice to the magician. The mop was just a mop that Mickey animated by magic.