who are the back up singers for michael bolton?

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Answered: Has Michael Buble found real love?

Ha ha....Does anybody really care? Ron.

Answered: Do You Think Music Was Effected By Michael Jackson

Its gonna be hard without him. He was a great muscian who maybe made a couple mistakes but he changed the music industry!!

Answered: Is MJ the biggest story of the year?

Yes Michael jackson was the biggest story of 2009 and he continues to be-check all tthe social networking sites you'll see the droves of fans and pages, websites being dedicated to him everyday. Michael jackson was a phenomenal human being and an inspiration to people of all races, religion and ...
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What singer, actor was nicknamed the polish prince

wait I t is Bobby Vinton you Guys!

Is Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of Michael Jackson's death?

I would say Dr. Conrad is guilty in some way because in some way, he acted negligently. I would affirm to him being sent to prison because this was a chain involving many people.

Which popular male singer was recently in Ubekistan and was taken ill

I haven't heard about anything like this. Sorry.

Locate young singer with the first name of Michael on the telethon on

I wish I knew, too. If you find out, tell me! He was great. And the young guy who sings like Bobby Darin is also great.