who are North Korea's Allies in 2013?

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Answered: The snicker of the century: North Korea ...

So far, leftists are batting 0. Is that why absolutely no one has even the slightest hint of respect for leftists in any form? Unfortunately for our one and only frenzied racist hatemonger Tadpole, she is still in absolute discredit and will be until her muslim idol, Obama, can pry himself out ...

Answered: North Korea

There is no question that our leftist hypocrites must always side with genocide, war atrocity, and hate, but no sane person believes the lies of leftists. So it is now and so it always has been.

Answered: Discuss the situation in North Korea.

5/28/10 How will North Korea and Iran affect the United States in the near future? Just remember, the future is what you make of it. The outcome of any dilemma or crisis can be solved by acknowledging and accepting the differences between two warring parties. It is not enough to just stake out a ...

Answered: Handling North Korea

So far, North Korea makes a lot of nmpty threats, but the minute they actually try something cute, they will become a glazed over parking lot that glows in the dark and won't quit glowing for 10,000 years. Ain't just US that will hit 'em. China will hit 'em harder than we do, and Russia will ...

Answered: Where Is North Korea's Kim Jong Il?

Because he's insane and delusional. as was his father, as, no doubt, is his son.

Answered: Never underestimate the paranoia of leftists.

Says the "guy" who is always going on and on and on about how "leftist" are all out to get him. Yeeeaaaah,,,,, We're paranoid. Sure,,,.
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Just what is North Korea's problem with us? Anyone out there from North

North Korea has a dismal human rights record, the most corrupt gang of misfits in the world, a stalled economy, and the worst medical care system on the planet. They have been threatening war for the last fifty years, and all their threats are as empty as their national coffers. Maybe that is why ...

How serious should America take the threat of war with North Korea.

Leftists spew lies because they are worthless, corrupt, and paranoid. North Korea has been making threats of war for the last fifty years and the only ones who take these losers seriously are North Koreans.

North Korean Nuclear Tests

North Korea is not the threat that they envision themselves: communist propaganda is never to be taken seriously anyway. North Korea attempted fifteen nuclear tests, thirteen of them failed to burst and the two that burst were malfunctiions that killed off their scientists. Leave it to leftists ...

North Korea's warning to South Korea

North Korea is threatening a “nuclear deterrence” to joint naval exercises planned by the United States and South Korea. So how’s that whole appeasement and bowing thing working out President Obama? What we are witnessing is the fruition of President Obama’s lackadaisical foreign policy ...