who are malika and khadijah haqq parents?

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Answered: Treating senior parents

I agree with Charles, most seniors live in constant frustration at the loss of their independence, and even when you are trying to help, they resent the fact that they need help or that others think they need it. If you can find an independent living retirement community nearby, that's one of the ...

Answered: Parenting for 3 years old

"Handling" won't work. To keep any alive creature happy is to keep them busy. Play and have fun. Drawing, painting all sorts of activities which you will find fun as well will make a child happy not handled. Good luck!

Answered: Parental rights

As far as I am aware, ANY felony charge has the ability of impacting parental rights, especially if the other parent has no record and enforces it. As far as the courts are concerned, the parental ability is in question if one cannot follow the laws of the land. If someone cannot follow the state's ...

Answered: Giving up parental rights

Punishing your children to right the wrong being done by your wife is a punk thing to do! She may be a jerk (although I'm wondering why she's being a jerk), but abandoning your kids would be the height of irresponsible behavior. Generally, when ex-spouses begin using the children as bargaining ...

Answered: How does texas child support work for two childern with different

I'm not sure what you're asking, what ill answer is: I have 2 children by two fathers, how is their child support calculated? Each father will be ordered to pay a percent of net income based on how many children THEY have. So if yours is their only its 20%, 17.5% if they have another child. Hope ...

Answered: Parenting Credentials

Sounds like you must have very different parenting styles. She obviously 'offended' you with advice she gave. If that's the case, perhaps you should stick with 'experts', and not post your questions/problems on public chat forums.
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How tall is zellers parents?

Cody Zellers parents are both above average height. i think the thing that really set them apart was their mothers height. codys mother is 6 foot tall, possibly 6'1". their father seems to be about 6'5'' and maybe as tall as 6'7".

What else should a parent pay for on top of child support in texas

What do you want to do to the guy if he is paying child support? Do you want to bleed him to death or make him run away and screw the child support all together?? You really what to scew up the kid by chasing the father away?

What to do about adolescent talking back to parents?

You could totally ground them. Or if that doesn't work, take things away that are important to them. Perhaps if it's a girl, take her makeup. You say "Oh that's mean" She'll stop talking back that's for sure. Or a boy take his video game system. Or For either, take the door to their room right off ...