who are josh holloway's parents?

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Answered: What to do for parents who had miscarriage?

When I had my first miscarriage, I remember the nicest thing someone did was my Mom's friend, who was also a nurse, sent me a box of chocolates with a note that said, "Thinking of you" XOXO. Keep it simple, they might not want to talk about it, because they're grieving, but you can acknowledge it ...

Answered: Why do children always prefer the parent who was out of their lives most

Children often prefer the more permissive parent. If they have problems with the rules with mom, they might have an alternative with dad.

Answered: Why should parents be given joint custody?

Unless there is some reason for NOT awarding joint custody - such as being un-fit - or homeless - or unemployed - or an alcoholic - or a druggie - or abusive, etc. then joint custody is awarded so each parent shares in the responsibilty of raising the child - & so the child would have as stable as ...

Answered: Is it hard being a parent?

Only if you care.
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Josh Holloway on Cougar Town?

The actor on Cougar Town was Josh Halloway . The actor on Lost is Josh Holloway .

Natalee Holloway's remains

A reporter later got JVS and his cohorts into a parked car, asked them about Natalee Holloway, then got out of the car and walked away. BUT a hidden camera caught them spilling all the details (see http://www.crime-safety-security.com/Date-Rape-Drugs.html - about halfway down the page). Somehow, a ...

What does the term infinity mean with a step parent and step child?

I would imagine it means the same thing with a step child as it would with anyone. And it's not a term, which is two or more words spoken as a colloquial idiom.