who are donnie swaggart's kids?

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Answered: Is jennifer swaggart donnie swaggarts daughter?

Yes. Watch the Jimmy Swaggart Crusade Classics of the 1980's, where he mentioned his grandchildren with him, Mathew, Gabriel, and Jennifer. I read or heard somewhere that she is a teacher in Atlanta, GA. From a follower of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries

Answered: Please no more kids cursing.

ROCMIKE FORGOT TO POST HIS CARTOONS AGAIN BUT HE DID SPEND HOURS PUTTING LETTERS UNDER POSTS TO GO ALONG WITH HIS PORN.--------------------------------------------------------------------He has spent another long lonely day and night of doing nothing but posting. He has posted under Zhorevs A., The ...

Answered: Donny wins DWTS

I voted for Donny, but I think they eliminated people that could dance better than him, so yes and no.

Answered: Pastor Donnie McClurkin

Thank you Tahillah, I will keep the family in my prayers. Be Blessed

Answered: Will there be new shows of Donny Osmond or new show with Donny and Marie

I know that this is late notice, but it's Donny's 51st birthday on December 13th, and he is having a party open to the public, in Vegas. I'm not sure if tickets are still available, but here is the link for you to check it out.

Answered: Why did donnie swaggart put down joseph prince?

He "pushes" or "pimps" prosperity. ? I think Mr.Prince does teach str8 from the WORD, justification, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, Being married united (one) with Christ, death to self with Christ on the cross, bundance of grace to overcome the sin nature, faith by the hearing of the ...
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How many children does donnie swaggart have?

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