who is the moderator of the third presidential debate?

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Answered: How many people are looking at the vice presidential debate

Beats me. I'm looking at Yedda. Neither Palin nor Biden will get my vote no matter how well they do against each other. Here is the place to look: http://tvbythenumbers.com/

Answered: Who will be the moderator for presidential debate number three?

They want someone impartial who won't play favorites so they got Al Sharpton.

Answered: Who was the biggest loser in last night's debate?

The clear WINNER is Mitt Romney. We have suffered four years of division, racism, abuse, poverty, and unemployment because the Democrats imported a racist lunatic from Kenya to split the nation. Romney won't play the Democrats' racist games. That terrifies Democrats out of their wits but it gives ...

Answered: Sites for Presidential Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates was formed in 1987 to centralize the process. The commission is non-partisan and is a non-profit group. Colleges, cities, convention centers, and other interested organizations who want to host a debate apply to the commission. They all pay a $7500 fee up ...

Answered: Who won Tuesday evening's presidential debate, McCain or Obama?

John McCain won the debate. MUBARACK HUSSEIN Obama is a Usurper - a SuNNI KENYAN MUSLIM - posing as a Fake Christian - and Fake American - for the cause that Obama and his flock of attorneys refuse to release Obama's college trasncripts, Vault birth certificate, selective service records ...

Answered: Abortion in Presidential Debate

Shawna, I'm a man. I'm for abortion if you want one, honey. I wouldn't trust you with a stray cat, much less a baby. So, when you get your abortion, you also get your tubes tied. Go ahead and prostitute yourself but keep it away from decent people. At least that stray cat takes good care of her ...
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typical liberal spin lie, cheat, and mistate the facts

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Who won the presidential debate?

Asshole Ranger Tommy Turdski, the whole site knows how mentally ill you are, even though you will go to any lenghts to disprove it. STOP stalking and bullying people. Get a job and stop sponging off of the government with your mental illness disability and your food stamps. There, the cat is ...

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