Who is zendaya colemans dad?

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Answered: What nationality is zendaya coleman?

Nationality is not the same as skin color. When someone wants to know what nationality you are they want to know where your ancestors come from. France? Italy? Germany? Zimbabwe? Then you're probably of French or Italian or German or African nationality and depending on your parent's skin color ...

Answered: RIP Gary Coleman

I used to watch Different strokes many years ago and I loved the interaction between Gary and his brother (Ted Hodges). They were so funny and am sure made a lot of people happy. RIP Gary!

Answered: How does a new dad react to the new baby

Well, if they react like I did it would be a combination of complete awe, deep love and total fear.

Answered: Gary Coleman and Shannon Price Divorce

I agree with eric. If they were in real trouble, why go for a televised divorce?
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Find out what they like to do and then see what you can take part in. For example, I have a 10 yr. old son and a 21 yr. old daughter. I've had to fill both roles. My daughter was into glamour (I wasn't!), but I did the tea parties, going for manicures, clothes shopping, etc. We also did camping ...

Alternate Dad Names?

You should have he/she call you "par" because thats the best alternate dad name.

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My response is similar to the above, yet very different. What would you want your husband to do if you were in his situation and he in yours? What would your consideration of your son be if you were in your husband's situation and he in yours? Where did the real love go and what happens to the ...

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