white oval pill with imprint 126 only on one side?

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Answered: One brown and one white brazilian diet pill

Yes they work!!! A lady by the name of Tolisha Jones has them. Her email is Teebooking@gmail.com cell phone number 786-319-6794

Answered: I found a half of a white and round pill. On one ...

I think you may have found a corticosteroid. I only have half of the information but if you found a half of a white round pill, one half would have the numbers 80 and on the back it would look like a capital J which is actually part of a capital V if the pill was whole. Do not take this pill. It is ...

Answered: Please help me identify a round white pill with cfx 250 imprinted on 1

It's cefixime, a 3rd generation cephalosporin antibiotic. It's commonly prescribed to treat pharyngitis and tonsilitis (throat infections).

Answered: What is this small white round pill with a K inside a triangle on one

See if this web site can help you. Otherwise I would throw it out.

Answered: How do i find out what a round white pill with the imprint a with a p in

Go to the library and look at a book called "The Nurses Desk Reference" these books contain lots and lots of pictures of pills to identify them. Start with the newest one you can.
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