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White dove birds

what does it mean when a white dove bird just shows up at different times at your home?       email me bevgary93@aol.com

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Could just mean that it likes your home, or has found a food source. Keep an eye on where the bird perches. They like to land on the ground and look round for food. White doves are usually domesticated so it could also be a bird that escaped or is lost. You can find out more about doves, such as the Mourning Dove, at Whatbird.com (http://identify.whatbird.com/obj/163/_/Mourning_Dove.aspx)

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.whatbird.com/" class="comlink">Whatbird</a>

When a family or friend of the family is going to die ... I should know cause it has happened to me many times ....like yesterday on valentine's day 2009 ... a beautiful white dove showed up at my porch at 2pm  and the next day a family member has passed away....

a beautiful white dove arrived at my daughters home  and just stood at the front door to be let inside....her hubby opened the door with his keys and the dove just followed him inside, looking around asif he was checking things out, he tried to get up on the kitchensink and discovered he could fly, then sat on the top kitchen cupboards, flew down again looking for a place to land and my daughter held out her arm and it sat on her arm. it had some peanuts and lots of water....and then left again out the back, any meaning to this?

I don't think anyone could give an absolute answer on this. I have an experience as well. White dove shows up the day after I was quite tearful in prayer with questions of could I have made a difference in a certain outcome. I was in awe. Not a homeing pigeon. I know the difference. Solid white.  For me it's spiritual. Symbolizes peace and love, The Holy Spirit. It's not like you see these everyday. I was mowing the lawn. It landed on my lawn mower. Heaven sent an answer. I got it loud and clear and sweet. Maybe God was just visiting you. Just dropping in to say HI...I'm here...just wanted to let you know. Don't forget to call....bye! Maybe?

i have had a white Dove now for 6 or 7 years that I have bonded with. I have never seen any Bird that would allow someone to hold her all the time like she does. My Father said it was an Omen and looking back I think he knew he was not going to live much longer and thought her to be a sign of peace and that everything would be alright. Sometimes when I hold her I feel close to my Dad and God.

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The pet store will have everything you need for your doves. All they really need is good fresh food, vegetables and fruit. And always fresh clean water. They'll be fine on their regular food if they are eating it like always. Good luck.

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It is a White Ibis. Shuddupandkissme Answered: Is this it? If so...it's a White Ibis.