Why do White People Hate Al Sharpton?

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People Hate Al Sharpton because he is a Rable Rouser, A Race Baiter and a Black Sheep Herder! The same thing holds true for Jessie Jackson!

White people do not want a moron like you speaking for them. Racist right wing losers are who you represent and are proud to have you on their side.

He's a black Nazi.  What's to like about that?

Why people dont like Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr?... 1) Al claimed Bernhard Goetz was a racist for defending himself. 2) Al instigated marches when  Michael Griffith was kill by a car, which turned into riots. 3) Al caused the burning of Freddie's Fashion Mart, where some died in the fire. 4) Al sponsored the lies of  Tawana Brawley, which had gotten a fireman fired from his job. 5) Sharpton owes $931,000 in federal income tax and $366,000 to New York, and his for-profit company, Rev. Al Communications, owed another $176,000 to the state. yep! good ole Al gets away with taxes, someone losing their job over a lie by Al, and even murder??


Sharpton is a brainless loser.

Rocmike is starting today's posting marathon off at 6.00 pm est with its aliases Harry, anonymous ,Silver City Dave Palmer. We are in store of this idiot posting for the next 13 t0 16 hours using alias after alias repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers. It seems that Rocmike aka American patriot thinks it is fooling everyone by posting mostly under anonymous today. It is too stupid to understand that all of its alias post the same. Dave Palmer is still posting at 6.30 am est.

I don't hate Al Sharpton, I just think he's an idiot who will use any excuse to make himself the center of attention.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Sharpton a sell out brother.  He a trick brother.  He workin for The Man all along.

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