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Looking for Whiskey Sour hard candies.

Does anyone know what company makes whiskey sour flavored hard candies. They also had other flavores, all alcohol, but my favorite is whiskey sour. I used to purchase them at a candy store, but I can't remember what company makes them.  If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate the answer!

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My sister and I are looking for them too!  We thought we were the only ones.  I used to get them at a Farmers Market in Orwigsburg, PA at the candy stand.  Once the stand closed we couldn't find them anywhere.  I hope someone out there can help us!  They are my favorite.

When I was a young boy, Mom and Dad would load us 5 boys up in the station wagon for weekend trips to grandma and grandpas house.  Often (if we were lucky), we would make a pit stop by Stuckey's to grab a couple of pecan logs and a handful each of hard liquor candies--they were fully stocked in one or two large, wooden barrels.  I've looked online for years for those candies or something similar to try, to no avail.  I vaguely remember something vodka, probably a vodka sour, a whiskey sour (my favorite), and a couple of others...maybe daquiri and Tom Collins.  Though I've never found them in all my efforts of trying, it makes me smile everytime.  Just a good memory! 

I sure wish I could find them as well.  I remember going to the mall as a young girl and buying them....we thought we were cool!  LOL

WE bought ours at the hickory farm stores in Omaha, ne

Hickory Farms made them in the 1970's. We use to buy them when we were in Jr highschool and thought we were so cool!!! They were delicous! I haven't seen them in years ever since they shut the Hickory Farms store down in our Mall. I have never seen them at the stand they set up at Christmas or on their website...but I still always look...just hoping!!

In the late 1970's to mid 1980's there was a Swiss Colony at the Northside Mall in Dothan, Alabama where they use to sell these individually wrapped liquor flavored hard candies with all of the flavores mentioned here. Though I can't remember the exact flavors I do remember there were seven different flavors. I have tried for years to get Swiss Colony and Hickory Farms to produce these hard candies for us. I've suggested that they do a marketing survey by internet query for questions such as ours to see how many of us there are that are looking for their old product. So far they have yet to respond with a satisfactory answer... The only satisfactory answer being that they are planning to bring back these candies for us... Perhaps if we flood them with email requests to bring them back they will listen. Attached to this comment is a link to send emails to them. Let's show them how much we want those candies!!!Tell them we want our Candy!!! this link will open a new window!!!!

Very cool.used to get them in the 70's at the  wine barrel . it to closed and i haven't seen them. and would love to by them too . and i thought i was the only one looking . and looking again and found this .they where the best. 

Hickory Farms used to sell alcohol flavored hard candy when I was a kid. I remember yellow, brown, and white ...whiskey and pina colada are the two flavors I remember most. I would like to try them again, but haven't found them when I search each year prior to Christmas.

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