Which would contain more atoms: a mole of K atoms or a mole of Au atoms?

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Answered: Can a general practice physician remove a mole or ...

Tammy R, I have also had moles removed by my family doctor. He did a great job. He sent them to be biopsied and all is well. Anna Sparky's Mom

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There's really no reason not to have it removed, pregnant or not. However, moles which are irritating or painful really should be seen by a doctor to make sure they haven't developed into skin cancers. You will have it removed either way, but you need to know.

Answered: Why is plutonium's atomic symbol Pu?

Pl could be confused with platinum (Pt) or lead (Latin plumbum, Pb) or polonium (Po).

Answered: Removing moles dangerous?

There are several varieties of moles, and some are much more dangerous to remove than others. Intelligence moles: Intelligence agents who have sold out to enemy forces or hostile governments are very difficult to remove and may shoot back if cornered. Legal moles: Attorneys who compromise legal ...

Answered: How to remove a cancerous mole

i hope you're not thinking about doing this by yourself! you need to go to a dermatologist and have him/her remove it.
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Au also stands for Astronomical Unit. An Au is the mean distance from the Sun to the Earth and is used to state the distances to other planets. This way it keeps the numbers smaller to deal with.

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Avogadro's number is 6.02 x 10^23, so you have half a mole.

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