Which waves have the highest velocities?

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Answered: Sharp brain waves in healthy brain

So she spent the night at the hospital and instead of asking the doctor, you come to AOL instead? Brilliant.

Answered: Maximum bullet velocity. Where does a bullet reach ...

Inside the barrel is the point at which it is at the greatest velocity. Just use the ideal gas law pV=nRT, and let the barrel volume=V. Assume that the pressure of the expanding gases are being converted into kinetic energy into the bullet. Rewrite the equation---p=(nRT)/V If you make V ...

Answered: What is the change in velocity called?

The change in velocity with respect of time is called acceleration.

Answered: Us navy waves

You should find your answer here http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/prs-tpic/females/wave-ww2.htm

Answered: My wave petunias, in hanging baskets are very ...

There are a couple of brands of Wave petunias, each has a different growing habit. You have to make sure you feed them properly. Apply a liquid fertilizer every 10 to 14 days or use a combination of liquid and a slow-release fertilizer. Always follow the recommendations shown on the labels! You can ...

Answered: Where are the big waves in california?

The big waves in California are at Mavericks, Half Moon Bay CA. Sometimes they have 30 foot waves; recommended for pros only. The forecast is for 10-17 foot waves Friday morning 11/28. Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, is expecting about 10 foot waves 11/28, and about 12 feet Monday 12/1. Much better ...
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Sound waves

sound travels faster in water than in air, hence the sound waves for a set frequency are longer underwater than in air

What is in the blank ...

It also tells the "period" (reciprocal of frequency).

Are there any harmful health effects of radio waves?

NO, radio waves are not harmful. Because it cannot be absorbed by our body in the absence of a strong magnetic field. To absorb the radio waves the body must be placed in an external magnetic field such as MRI scan. The earth's magnetic field is quite low to facilitate the absorbency of radio waves ...

Do microwaves from a cell phone effect the brain more than radio waves

My husband has complained about headaches if he is talking to long on the cell phone.