Which was not an element of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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Answered: Cuban day parade

It doesn't matter what your nationality is, AOL does its best to make you look stupid. Like importing questions from a wide variety of site. I'm having to rethink the percentage of idiots here. I appreciate your response.

Answered: Exotic elements?

It is best to begin with topological events: space folding in on itself. As we see space folding itself in, it forms strings, quarks, and so forth. It is consistent with the constructs of Baryons that we see more primiitive matter and more advanced matter. Exotic elements exist, but our atheist ...

Answered: Who responsible for cuban missile crisis?

Actually, the USA was responsible. Had they stamped on Castro like the vermin he was, and is, that never would have occurred.

Answered: Missile Defense

Dems contemplate reductions in Pentagon funding...

Answered: Cuban Rum

Thank you very much that was very helpful.
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