which was not a headline in 1961?

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Answered: What would be the original cost of an average wedding dress from 1961

Will mike dykes aka rocmike ever grow up and find a life? We understand that he's a mental patient but there are other thing he could do besides sitting at a computer 24/7 spreading his porn, lies and racist hate. Watch tv, take a walk in the courtyard. Do something ...

Answered: Why is evil in quote marks ( 'evil') ? Does the headline writer believe

As the newspaper is supposed to remain unbiased, they put quotation marks around the word that is left up to your interpretation. In this case, the word "evil" is an adjective that is not fact, but an opinion, as odd as that sounds. You are not supposed to guess or infer or know what the opinion of ...

Answered: How is this for a headline?

In print journalism, it's usually an editor. There is an enormous difference between print journalism (newspapers) and television (visual) journalism. Newspapers don't always come up with good headlines but most responsible journalists do try to avoid the 'if it bleeds, it leads' sensationalistic ...

Answered: April 15 1961 Philadelphia PA

The Pennsylvania Mothers of Twins Club began meeting in 1961 when the Main Line Club contacted area clubs to meet on April 15, 1961

Answered: What where the United States of Americans headlines?

Your question is far too broad. Thousands of headline events occurred on that date. Can you narrow the area down to sports, politics, crime, and so forth to give a little better idea of what you are looking for?

Answered: Which A BOT A HEADLINE IN 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion JFK inaugurated

JFK was inaugurated in 1961, and the Bay of Pigs invasion was in 1961, and the Berlin Wall began in 1961. Yuri Gagarin orbited the earth in 1961. Color TV had been introduced earlier, but it was just catching on in the early 60's.
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