which version of the bronze marilyn monroe statues is best?

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Answered: Rare marilyn monroe postcards by bruno bernard. i need to find a

Try searching on insiderpages.com for an authenticator. Good luck.

Answered: Does LiLo look like Monroe?

hahahahahahahahahaha!! LOL NO

Answered: Marilyn Monroe Ornaments

14 sets of 4 in each set tiaraman1947@yahoo.com

Answered: Marilyn Monroe sex tape

Marilyn is a sexy and classy diva. Paris wants to be a sexy naughty girl. She is always parting w/ lilttle ity bity outfits and not wearing panties she wants that attention. Beyounce, cristina, j.Lo, selma h. This list can go on & on they r all sexy and r not precieved as hoochies just sexy really ...
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Do you think Lindsay Lohan and Marilyn Monroe's lives are similar?

I don't think so. Lindsay is a spoiled brat who grew up getting everything she wanted. Her drug and alcohol addiction were a result of bad parenting. Monroe, on the other hand, spent most of her young years as a ward of the state when her parents were unable to care for her. Monroe married at age 16 ...

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I would beg for a retouch and retake.. Not quite..

How do I clean cold painted bronze

it is a nasty chemical zip strip will remove any paint from any bronze then wash it down with paint thinner and a stiff brush get into all the tiny crevices treat it at least twice