Which step in the decision-making process do you think is most underutilized or difficult to complete?

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Answered: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

You are just cautious and you want to weigh everything before you make a decision. There is nothing wrong with that except when it's an emergency.

Answered: Public policy, the policy making process

Policy-making is the central role of city and state legislative bodies. The policies created affect everyone in some way. Public policy determines what services will be provided to the residents and the level of those services, what kinds of development will occur in the community, and what the ...

Answered: How long does it take before something is “registered” in your brain and

Sorry for your loss. I also lost my best friends (my 2 dogs) I had 2 pomerains the one was 17 yrs old I had him for 15yrs he was the best dog you could ask for when I was sad he would know he would come to me and lick my hand and sit a look at me he was the best. It hurt me so much I had to put him ...

Answered: Process essay?

Buying essays, like any other act of plagiarism, will result in failure of the class where it was submitted, and a second offense shall result in expulsion. Obviously whoever suggested that fraud has never graduated college and hopes to deny others any hope of a degree. It is that serious a matter ...

Answered: Are the free word processing programs safe?

Yes, they are. I suggest open office.
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Donna, I guess it depends on alot of things. Gotta ask yourself if putting you, whoever is in the vehicle with you and who ever you may enounter on the road at risk of death or dismemberment is worth the risk. That's a little extreme, and on the lighter side is it worth the risk of losing your ...

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That Cuban flag tells me that you ain't here for a good reason. That's why you don't rate an answer.

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Thanks James, a very good response. The premise to move and accept this job weighs entirely on 2 considerations. 1. The job is in a small family owned business. The owners are God loving people having the highest moral and ethical values. My attraction to this "job" and the family is simply ...


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