Which states start with zero zip code?

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Answered: 201 High tower Road, Lexington, KY zip code

201 High Tower Rd, Lexington KY has zip 40517, according to mapquest.

Answered: Texas Zip Codes

All the zip codes from 75001 to 79999 would belong to Texas, but they are not all valid zip codes.

Answered: Since the numbers on zip codes make it simpler for ...

Actually, no one has to remember in the post office. Most mail is automatically sorted by machine.

Answered: Www.Usps.Com is there a usps publication available to the public that

There is a book my office used called the National Zip Code Directory (I'm not sure if it's a USPO publication) that you can purchase online. Just Google the name of the book and see where you can find it available for sale.
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What is the zip code for suffolk county Long Island NY

Hey, Try this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zip_codes_of_Suffolk_County,_New_York

Where is zip code 24642?

There is a Red Ash VA 24640, and Richlands VA 24641, but no 24642 in the US according to the post office..