Which state is bordered by Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma?

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Answered: What are the two bordering states??

Washington state has only two bordering states, Idaho and Oregon. Rhode Island has Connecticut and Massachusetts. Maine has only New Hampshire. Florida has Georgia and Alabama. South Carolina has Georgia and North Carolina.

Answered: Oklahoma retail leasing / tenant protection

Read over your lease the fine print will tell you, then contact your state attorney general or contact your attorney. That is your bet bet.

Answered: Leading products in Oklahoma

cotton and wheat. And beef.

Answered: What is the limit of net worth to avoid probate in Colorado

$60,000 or less lets you use an affidavit instead. The out-of-court affidavit procedure is available in Colorado if the fair market value of property that is subject to disposition by will or state intestate succession law, less liens and encumbrances, is $60,000 or less. (This excludes joint ...

Answered: In what state is sugar loaf

This is an interesting question, in a psychological/sociological sort of way. Someone says Sugarloaf and everybody thinks of something different. For me, it's in Brazil. For others it's somewhere else. Okay, it's a trivial thing, but I find it interesting. I had completely forgotten the band ...

Answered: Does the Bay State sound like the wrong name for Massachusetts? Bay state

Maybe it has nothing to do with climate and geography.
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How many states border canada?

13 states border Canada: Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio (across Lake Erie), Pennsylvania (across Lake Erie), New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine

On 11/1/2008 I became a Florida resident.Do I have to submit a Nebraska

josephus --- You DO have to file state taxes where you lived previously. Nebraska most likely has a law on their books saying so. If you don't file, how can you get any refund. They won't have all necessary info from you to refund anything most especially your current address where to send ...

What state would be in the middle of colorado?

Actually, Teller County is central to the State of Colorado.

Tornadoas In Oklahoma

1999 had over $1.1 billion in damage. 2013 Moore OK has not been counted up yet, but the last news report had 51 confirmed dead. New estimate: at least $1.5 billion. Here is the NOAA summary of F4 and F5 in previous years: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/oun/?n=tornadodata-ok-violent