which ssri antidepressants do not cause palpitations palpitations?

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Answered: Can my meds be causing palpitations?

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Answered: What patient with a specific diagnosis cannot take ssri

There are disappointing stories and claims on SSRI antidepressants. As with other drugs, unwanted side effects are likely to happen. To be safe, you may need to have doctor’s advice before going into this type of medication.

Answered: Information on rapid heart beat, and palpitations. Is this serious, and

You probably have atrial fibrillation. Can be very serious

Answered: Could Tylenol be the caused of heart palpitations?

It's possible, but it's a question for your doctor. I once got a bottle of vitamin C that caused heart palpitations. Dunno if it was contaminated or what, but it caused me problems.

Answered: What antidepressant is in drinking alcohol?

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Answered: Pristiq is a new antidepressant. Has anyone tried it? How was it?

yes i have for about 6 months now. It seems to be working, have good days and bad days. I think you have to give it a while to really get into your system before it works for you. For me it has been wonderful. Sorta calms me down when life gets tough or things around me get going to fast. The reason ...
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