which soap operas are being discontinued?

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Answered: Days of our lives

Well, them wuz Happy Daze, tho. Redd

Answered: Which is better soap opera digest or soap opera weekly, and why?

I prefer Soapcentral.com because they will give you the highlights for the upcoming week.

Answered: Soap opera episodes for sale?

Try searching that episode at Ant they have a directory of streaming sites and a free video downloader that works great in any video.

Answered: Why do the call a "soap opera" a soap opera?

Profitbob is a bit younger than I and only knows of television programming. Soap operas began in the mid to late 1930's as daily serial entertainment for housewives broadcast on radio. It is true that most of the sponsors were soap companies. Each program was for 15 minutes and was based on sad ...

Answered: "HOW DID SOAP END?"

This was the final episode of 'SOAP'....and then after this ...the show was canceled....
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Carol Carrington-Mcgrath played the character Tina in an episode of "Knots Landing" in 1982. I couldn't find any other actress with the name Carol McGrath.

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