which president appears on the far left on mt rushmore?

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Answered: On the far left of my email screen it has become a ...

Hi Marcus: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Clear AOL Artwork Database

Answered: Left arm and lower left side pain in my teen

It could be just bruises. It could be the result of wrestling, a roller-coaster ride, or bruises from a seat belt, or falling off a horse. There are not many diseases that cause pains in the arm and the body. Leukemia, perhaps, or infectious mononucleosis. Blood counts would show if there is a ...

Answered: Illinois regarding appearances

Only the person on the deed should appear. If she was never on the deed then the mortgage company is not interested in your wife and will expect you to appear. At the hearing you may be able to explain your hardship and even be granted an extension on the foreclosure proceedings...that will depend ...

Answered: What are the closest airports to Mt Rushmore?

the closest is Rapid City, South Dakota

Answered: Can I visit Everest Base Camp in winter?

yes, u can. in winter you can have a clear visibility of the Everest with few clouds and no winds. but it's still a little bit cold there, especially at night. you would have to bring a hot water bottle with you. the Rongpuk Monastery guesthouse is the only place for u to stay the night at Everest ...

Answered: How to center the email window on the screen...it always appears too far

When you open Read mail move it to were you want it, even stretch it to the right if you want. At the top - Window - Click Remember Window size and position. This will work for your Favorites if you need to make it wider to the left.
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You 'american patriot' are not what you claim. You are just another ignorant pile of human waste wrapping themselves in our flag!

Why did they decide to build mount rushmore?

when did they build mount rushmore?

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I got 4538 miles Seoul to Honolulu. Pyongyang is 4598 miles from Honolulu.

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The worst thing that ever happened to us was the democrat party, that still absolutely stinks of racism and hypocrisy. If it is a hypocrite, it is a democrat. Count on it.