which paintings come to life in "Night at the Museum: Battle at the smithsonian"?

which paintings come to life in "Night at the Museum: Battle at the smithsonian"?

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Answered: Re: lacma museum los angeles, board of trustees. Who is on the Board of

There are dozens. You can go to the web site and click on Board of Trustees or just scroll down: http://www.lacma.org/overview

Answered: Night At The Museum Battle Of The Smithsonian dvd

I wasn't a particularly big fan of the first Night at the Museum , but that may not really be the fault of the film. You see, I was forced to watch it a half-dozen times in a row with a large group of chatty children on a bus trip to Washington D.C. (long story, as you might imagine). By round six ...

Answered: What type of painting does Fernando botero paint?

Fernando botero painting was fat unrealistic people as you can see from most of his paintings. View his paintings on this site: http://www.artisoo.com/shop-by-artist-fernando-botero-c-66_156_172.html

Answered: What happens..................in Night at the Museum

At sunrise, all of the exhibits turn back to normal, as if nothing ever happened!
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Why does Ben Stiller infiltrate the Smithsonian institute....

I thought he was just there because he was down on his luck and accepted a job as night watchman at the museum. Here is a synposis from amazon.com: An irresistible concept meets computer-generated wonders in Night at the Museum, inspired by a 1993 children's book by Milan Trenc. Ben Stiller stars ...