Which of thefollowing fossil fuels releases the most carbon dioxide per unit of energy consumed?

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Answered: Good Energy Source Hickup?

Britain's fascination with offshore power can be partly explained by a report released last week that says the country has offshore energy resources, including wave, tidal, offshore wind and floating wind, equivalent to its North Sea oil and gas reserves.

Answered: When will natural gas become the dominant fuel in the US?

The answer to your question is soon. With improvements on how to extract natural gas, it is becoming much more prevalent. The U.S. already has one of the highest reserves in the world. With the technique of fracking (hydraulic fracturing), natural gas is released from shale rock thousands of feet ...

Answered: Why is mostly people prefer Alpha Fuel X?

Alpha Fuel X, a body enhancer, helps you incredibly to make your dream of getting toned and perfect body come true. Do justice with your sweat flooded while exercise gym with this nutritionally enriched and 100% safe supplement. http://menhealthhub.com/alpha-fuel-xt-review/

Answered: Carbon Footprint

There are organisations that make it easy for you to do this - for example the Carbon Trust have specific tools to measure your business carbon footprint
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Hello. Best info on the testing.Public library. Reference section. The librarians can assist. ALLDATA. Most librarys subscribe. In the electronic databases. Access ALLDATA. Look up by year,make.model & engine size. Instrument panel. Fuel gage. All printable. You will need a good test meter ...

Who owns the united states largest oil and gas energy pipeline?

There are a few exceptions to the joint feasor ruling: where pipelines do not cross state lines, they need not become joint feasors with the United States, but instead, they become joint feasors with their state under the oversight of the state's Utilities and Transportation Commission. Self ...

carbon problem

I'm a believer in nuclear power. I know it's an unpopular opinion. There's also a power plant in Australia that burns trash and garbage. That seems to me to be a sensible if imperfect solution to a couple of problems and I'm baffled by why more countries don't adapt the technology instead or burning ...

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For more information about green survey I would recommend you to "Surrey Energy Management". Surrey Energy Management provides expert energy assessment and consultancy services including Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and on Construction SAP & SBEM ...