which of the following wrote inspiring novels about success in america?

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Answered: Who wrote the novel 1984?

"1984" was written by author George Orwell, who als wrote "Animal Farm".

Answered: Candle followers

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Answered: How long should a good fiction novel be?

Most publishers would require a 44-700 pages page count for a black and white book and and 24-160 page count for full colored. Those standards are usually given to not compromise the binding. :) The average number of words per page is 300. I'm pretty sure you can do that. Good luck! How to get ...

Answered: Who wrote 'truckin ' by the dead weir? Garcia? which dead man?

It was a joint effort between Garcia, Weir, Lesh and Robert Hunter. Hunter was the more accomplished lyricist, so he made the song come together.
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Who inspires you most? (Anyone you know or do not know. Family, friends

My wife and children. My wife for her unwavering love, support and confidence. My children for their love of all things in life simple and new. Their belief in all things truly being possible in life.


Here's another site you might check out. http://www.vintageromances.com/

Looking for old romance novel and have no clue The name or who wrote

Margaret Coel is another author you should look into.

Who wrote the song Mexican Joe

It was written by Mitchell Torok.