which of the following ways is dna replication different from dna transcription?

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Answered: Which is the best Medical Transcription company in bangalore?

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Answered: Why transcription services get popular?

Transcription Services are very popular because To increase the web site traffic For social responsibilities

Answered: General Transcription Jobs

Definitely there are general transcription jobs available for which you don't need to have any formal education. People with rich vocabulary, good listening skills & reasonable typing-speed can apply for transcription jobs. Visit the link for more info : http://www.transcriptionvendors.com ...

Answered: Transcripts

Check out http://www.sfasu.edu/registrar/transcripts/requests.asp.

Answered: How to find my transcript

You should check with the school board in your area, or the ministry of education.
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Some companies can have your DNA answers back in about 3 days, while some places, especially at home paternity test , may take two or three weeks.

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NO your DNA is yours and will show no matter what... If you are taking a paternity test... just pay and be a good father... if not whatever you are up to... I suggest not going thru with it... it is a crime to try to conceal DNA just so you know:)) Good luck...